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Swiss Combi – drum drying

The Swiss Combi® drier is a unique closed loop drying system producing a high quality granular product from both raw and treated sludges. The process is both effective and clean:

 heat is generated at 800°C in a combustion chamber fired by oil, natural gas or biogas
  this heat is transferred to a heat exchanger where drying air is heated to 450°C
  sludge from the dewatering plant is fed into a twin shaft mixer where initial granulation begins to take place
  the sludge then passes into a single pass drying drum where the drying air evaporates the water from the sludge and produces and evenly dried, almost pasteurised product
  the resultant granules are passed to a screen sizer prior to storage and bagging
  the drying air is returned to the heat exchanger for reheating
  charring of the product is prevented by self regulating heating within the drying drum, whilst damage to the granules is minimised by the innovative air conveying system within the drying unit.
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